Media Foundation

Core Areas

  • Fundraising

    As a non-profit organization, Media Foundation relies on the support of don...

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  • Policy and Advocacy
    Policy and Advocacy

    Advocacy and policy activities focus on media education and literacy, publi...

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  • Professional Development
    Professional Development

    Activities in this area go beyond basic journalism or media training and ar...

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  • Media Education
    Media Education

    Nepal’s fast-evolving media landscape has dramatically altered the ways i...

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  • Research

    The research agenda is built to meet the needs for mapping Nepal's changing...

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Journalism Special Projects

  • The Media Gufa Project
    The Media Gufa Project

    Media Gufa is an experiential reporting and writing event for journalists, ...

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  • Nepal Endowment for the Media
    Nepal Endowment for the Media

    The Nepal Endowment for the Media (NEM) is a permanent fund to be institute...

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  • Media & Information Literacy
    Media & Information Literacy

    During 2009-20012, MF held a series of focus group discussions in Kathmandu...

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Past & Ongoing Projects

  • Monitoring & Analysis of Disaster News Coverage Regarding the Earthquake of April & May 2015

    May 2015- (ongoing): Monitoring & analysis of the coverage of April & May 2...

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  • MIL Curricular Design and Development

    May-August 2015: Designing, testing and development of curricula, tutorials...

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  • Book Project on Contemporary Media Practices and Professionalism

    May-October 2015: A series of interviews with prominent media professionals...

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  • State of Media Literacy in Nepal

    March-August 2015: Undertaking a baseline survey of the state of media lite...

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  • New Media-based News Reporting and Writing Challenge (Media Gufa)

    Since September 2012, organizing the bi-annual new media-based news reporti...

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  • Content Analysis of Media Coverage of Media (2011-2012)

    Undertook content analysis of media news, during March – July 2013, ...

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  • Social Thought and Research Workshop Series

    During 2011-2012, offered a series of  workshops on Social Thought and Res...

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  • Media Assessments and Surveys

    During Feb 2012-July 2012, Media Assessments and Surveys (Nation-wide surve...

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  • Survey of Opinion Journalism in Nepal

    Durng Feb-May 2012, a survey of opinion journalism in Nepal conducted in c...

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  • Communication and Education Strategy for the IRD

    Developmenet of a taxpayer edcuation manual for Inland Revenue Department, ...

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  • Pilot on Assessing Media Literacy in Nepal

    During October 2009- February 2012, as part of MF’s goals in media litera...

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  • Media Mobilization for Typhoid Preventive Awareness Training for Journalists

    During December 2011 and January 2012, organized a series of workshops and ...

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  • Content Analysis of Media Coverage of the Media

    Media in the News: An Assessment Report in the Context of Nepal's Post-conf...

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  • Narrative Journalistic Profiling of Nepal Conflict Victims

    The project, undertaken during Dec 2010- May 2011, compiled journalistic na...

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