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Past & Ongoing Projects

  • MIL Curricular Design and Development

    May-August 2015: Designing, testing and development of curricula, tutorials and literature for the Media and Information Literacy campaign underway, in collaboration with half a dozen schools and colleges, initially in Kathmandu. The campaign will gradually expand to the districts.

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  • Book Project on Contemporary Media Practices and Professionalism

    May-October 2015: A series of interviews with prominent media professionals representing the cross-section of Nepali media landscape, focusing on topics of journalistic practices, professionalism and leadership in the contemporary contexts, to be published in the form of a book, useful for media practitioners themselves as well as media users among the general public.

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  • State of Media Literacy in Nepal

    March-August 2015: Undertaking a baseline survey of the state of media literacy in Nepal, in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research (IACER), Pokhara University. The project involves structured interviews with a cross-section of media users, focus group discussions (FGDs), tutorial design and development, and content analysis.

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  • New Media-based News Reporting and Writing Challenge (Media Gufa)

    Since September 2012, organizing the bi-annual new media-based news reporting and writing challenge (Media Gufa) for journalists, writers and content producers. The 72-hour Gufa process serves as a cutting-edge writing laboratory where participants are challenged to adhere to the highest standards of journalism in conceiving, reporting and writing their stories. Over two dozen peer-nominated prof...

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  • Social Thought and Research Workshop Series

    During 2011-2012, offered a series of  workshops on Social Thought and Research for professionals, piloting it in August-September, 2011. STR immersion sessions were attended by research and media professionals from various noted organizations, such as the Carter Center, US Embassy, OHCHR, Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University and several health institutions of Kathmandu. The project focuse...

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  • Media Assessments and Surveys

    During Feb 2012-July 2012, Media Assessments and Surveys (Nation-wide survey of journalists, and a separate public opinion survey on media capacity development, media credibility and media literacy as well as SMS poll) undertaken, with support from  SPCBN)/UNDP-Nepal, the Government of Japan and UNESCO, and UNESCO.

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  • Survey of Opinion Journalism in Nepal

    Durng Feb-May 2012, a survey of opinion journalism in Nepal conducted in collaboration with Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research (IACER), Pokhara University. Content-analyzed op-articles carried by leading national newspapers– Kantipur, The Kathmandu Post, Nagarik, and Republica assessing the quality of democratic dialogue and inclusion during the year 2011, within t...

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  • Communication and Education Strategy for the IRD

    Developmenet of a taxpayer edcuation manual for Inland Revenue Department, Government of Nepal (Dec 2011-May 2012). The project involved review of literature, assessment of past activities at IRD, series of focus group discussions in Kathmandu and in the districts, as well as writing Taxpayer Education Manual (Communication and Education Strategy, with communication toolkit). The project […...

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