Media Foundation

The Initiative

Vision & Mission

Our approach is collaborative, integrative, and holistic. Program activities focus on formal as well as informal communication, and they encompass activities in media education, research, professional development, policy, and advocacy. Our motto “Engaging Communities” reflects our focus on the involvement and empowerment of people in utilizing the media for individual and social transformation.


– An informed and engaged citizenry, well-versed in the twenty-first century media skills and competencies, in a society where media rights and responsibilities are universally upheld (societal vision).

– A leading institution in media education, research and policy, advocating the communication rights and responsibilities of citizens, and fostering skilled, enlightened, and discerning media users and producers in a democratic society (institutional vision).


Media Foundation, working actively with the academia, professions and communities, will focus on activities that promote quality media education and training–formal and informal–informed by research and policy alternatives, needed by citizens in an inclusive, equitable, vibrant, free and democratic society.


– Ensure citizens are aware of their media rights and responsibilities, and offer media producers, journalists, educators, students, parents, and other users opportunities in education and professional enrichment to meet their communication needs.

Strategic Objectives

– map the country’s changing media landscape via research and analyses to identify the interventions needed for media reforms;
– mobilize and engage the academia, professions and communities (teachers, students, scholars, journalists, professionals, policy makers, parents, members of the public, etc.) for quality media through education, research, curricular development, audio-visual materials, publications, training/workshops, seminars, conferences, and innovative, new media activities;
– undertake or support activities to restore, preserve and promote journalism, communications and media history and heritage for posterity;
– offer self-improvement opportunities and recognition to deserving media/communication practitioners, students, teachers and scholars of media;
– provide need-based and on-demand advisory, research, and professional services, especially in public interest media, media education and training, and communications in general;
– undertake advocacy and policy campaigns in the pertinent areas of media rights and responsibilities, media education, and public interest media;
– help advance media standards across platforms, producers and users for professionalism, transparency, democratic culture, and ultimately a prosperous society;
– mobilize resources and raise funds for the long-term media development in Nepal, and enlist support to sustain the organization’s programs and projects, and to cover its operational costs; and
– coordinate and collaborate with like-minded organizations, and continually strengthen the capacity of Media Foundation in order to effectively pursue and implement its vision, mission and strategic plans.