Media Foundation


The research agenda is built to meet the needs for periodically mapping Nepal’s changing media landscape and to identify interventions needed for media reform and development. It is designed to cater to the citizens, academia, and the media industry the educational, professional tools and resources that help foster 21st century media skills and competencies.

Research activities serve to bridge the knowledge gaps among media structures, media content, reception and policy alternatives in Nepal. The approach is often holistic and collaborative, involving industry, academia and development partners. It is integrative, incorporating both the quantitative and qualitative methods.

We also offer advisory services, and undertake research-on-demand, especially for institutions and professional entities striving for quality media and communication. These works are often conceived, designed and undertaken in the service of public interest and public engagement, with an emphasis on the utility value or usefulness of research.

The Media Foundation maintains an array of tools, including access to premier industry-based research databases.

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