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The Media Gufa Project

Media Gufa is a new media-based experiential reporting and writing event for journalists, writers and content producers. It has been one of the best-known events initiated by Media Foundation. The first edition of  Gufa was held in Kathmandu in September 2012. Conceived by Dharma Adhikari of MF, originally, it was organized as a one-time experimental lab. The successful completion of the first Gufa, its professional usefulness, and popularity as well as support from participants, like-minded organizations and communities have led to more such events in Kathmandu and rural areas of the country, held biannually. So far, six editions of the event have been held.

thumbgenMedia Gufa seeks to explores the potentials and use of new media tools and applications in the practice of reporting and writing in Nepal. It attempts to regain professional rigor and human touch in storytelling in the age of digital revolution. The objective is to refresh the craft, re-engage professionals, and reconnect with the local communities. Participants are nominated by their peers or members of the public. Those who obtain the hightest nominations are selected to participate in two complementary events– one urban-based and another rural-based.

The reporting and writing challenge at the rural level offers the participants to directly engage with local communities, and to witness first-hand the realities for themselves. Often, side sessions are held on important communication themes that are relevant to the lives of the local community members, who are invited to participate. Lessons learned are recorded, and stories from both the complementary events are analyzed and compiled with the objective to enrich professional experience, and to share with the wider community.

The project is entirely volunteer-driven, sustained so far by the support of like-minded inviduals, organizations and communities. The project may continue as long as support is forthcoming.

For details, please visit the official Media Gufa website.

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