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New Media Gufa 2012, Sept 7-10, Thamel, Kathmandu

Sep 01, 2012

The Media Foundation-Nepal (MF-N) is organizing a unique “experiential newslab” in Kathmandu to be participated in by Internet-savvy journalists, beginning Friday, September 7.

The three-day event will assemble about half a dozen professional Nepali journalists for a rigorous task of preparing a journalistic story by sourcing their information on New Media only.
The event will engage five seasoned, net-savvy journalists in an atmosphere of seclusion in a hotel at Thamel for 3 days (72 hrs). Participants will be barred from all sources of information except the Internet or New Media.

“The mission behind the closed door on the internet is to find out the actual value of new media and their content in the development of news stories on issues that matter to the everyday lives of ordinary citizens in our predominantly rural country,” says Dharma Adhikari, the sectracy of MF-N.

The annoucement of the the event ‘New Media Gufa 2012’ was made via the Internet and social media networks on Saturday. “Gufa” in the Nepali language refers to a “Cave” “As a digital event, we are observing the unfolding response process via new media even before the event has started,” Adhikari said.

This event will challenge journalists to restrict their sourcing and information gathering to new media while reporting and writing original, high-quality stories on issues of common concern in the rural areas, such as public health, literacy, climate change, gender, and children. Story ideas will be finalized later in consultation with participants.

A team of three researchers will monitor, observe and record the event. The event inside the “Gufa” will be live-cast online.

The experiences and findings along with the stories will be compiled and published later.

The event is being orgnized in association with Hotel Mandap, Thamel and Vision for Nepal Foundation (VIFON), USA. Individuals have also contributed resources to organizing the event.

Updated information will be made on the following official social network pages:


> For details on professional aspects, Rajneesh Bhandari, Multimedia Journalist, Email:[email protected], Cell#: 9851029829
> For details on research aspects, Hem Raj Kafle, Kathmandu University, Email: [email protected], Cell#: 9841351078
> You can also contact Dharma Adhikari, PhD. (Gufa Director). Email: [email protected], Cell#: 9841869802
> For more details: Media Foundation, 2 Shanti Marga, Bhatbhateni 40, PO Box: 9824, Kathmandu, Nepal, Phone: 977-1-441-5137, Email: [email protected]

Event Day

September 7-10, 2012


72 hours


Hotel Mandap, Kathmandu

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